Independent Vineyards



The mission of the Independent Winegrowers of France rests on 2 basic fundamentals :

  • The protection of the profession of independent winegrower
  • Promotion of the profession and its economic development


The independent winegrower cultivates his vines, creates and markets his wine himself. Only the winegrower who meets these criteria can join the Syndicate of Independent Vineyard of France in his department and benefit from the services made available to him. Responsible, the independent winegrower fully crontrols the quality of his work, performs it with care and competence, with respect for the environment and with the aim of satisfying his customers. Committed, he chooses to use innovative working methods, without altering his heritage, which he preserves and defends. Professional, he knows his job perfectly, from vineyard management to welcoming and selling his wines to his customers. To mark this commitment and the quality of his work, each winegrower has signed the independent winegrower charter.

The Independent Winegrower charter commits the winegrower. The Independent Winegrower

  • respects his terroir,
  • works his vineyard,
  • harvests his grapes,
  • vinifies and matures his wine,
  • distill his brandy,
  • bottles his production in his cellar,
  • markets his products,
  • Seeks ti perfect skills while respecting tradition,

welcomes, advises tasting and takes pleasure in presenting the fruit of his labor and his culture.

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